Our History

BLOOM2U FLORAL SDN BHD has been around since 2003.  The company's old name is Bloom The Floral Shop. We used to be the customer’s of Bloom The Floral Shop. We were very impressed with the ambiance of the shops and the service we received. In winter 2006, we decided to take over the shop and the journey begun.

A little bit on our background - We were grown up from the corporate world and worked in senior management of various professionally run multi national organization for more than 10 years until we decided to be part of Bloom The Floral Shop. A lot of people asked us why we jump into a not so “glamour” industry.

The perception (majority) is always this is an industry for people who are not so well educated; or it is a family business, a business that you can’t grow and all the negative views. Even now, we are having hard time attracting graduates to start their career with us. For those in this industry, they see us as new, fresh and will not stay for long. It is an industry where a lot of physical hard work requires. But we love challenges; we are here to stay and we will bring a completely new perspective to this industry. In our opinion, we need to appreciate more the “talent” from this industry. We need to bring more awareness of how this can become a recognized professions. This aligns with what we are willing to reward the talents that want to be part of us.

Thank God, we had a very good start; we almost double the number of bouquets we delivered the very 1st year we are in business! Our customers support is vital for our growth. For the last few years, we managed to inject a lot of new IDEAS in their daily life!

Creativity always inspired us. It gives us the feeling of surprise, impress, happy, unbelievable, shock, it is an art.., well in BLOOM2U we called it the WOW factor!

"I still remember the first time when I received flowers from my husband. It was calla lilies in a vase with some bright yellow lemons and sea shells in it. What impressed me (besides my husband) is the creativity that the person put in to create the WOW factor feeling. And that feeling still stays till today and will stay in my heart in many years to come." May Yee.

Creative IDEAS makes BLOOM2U FLORAL SDN BHD unique and we always make sure the IDEAS continue to flow. We always have something new. The history has just begun; our vision is to deliver a completely new perspective to the way we see things everyday!