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Buy Premium Rose Bouquet Online at We use only highest grade of roses available. The size can be double compare to lower grade roses.

BLOOM2U rose bouquets are the best selling bouquets on

Bouquet of roses are suitable for many occasions and they are especially popular for weddings, engagements, anniversaries and of course, during the month leading up to Valentine's Day.

If you are a beginner at selecting and buying rose bouquets for someone you love, care or adore, let help you out with our mini guide below.

Colour of Rose Flowers and What They Mean - A Simple Guide

Red Roses - Red roses are classic flowers that symbolize true love, affection and romance. You will never go wrong buying red roses if the bouquet that you are buying is for your spouse, girlfriend or fiancee.

White Roses - White roses represent innocence, faith, simplicity, loyalty and purity. If you are looking for the perfect bouquet for your upcoming wedding, then consider getting one with white roses.

Pink Roses - Want to express your love or affection to someone whom you just fell in love with? You should place an order for a bouquet of pink roses. They symbolize admiration, thankfulness and they are good for newer relationships too.

Purple Roses - Majestic, glory, elegance and enchantment are common words used to describe the meaning of purple roses. A purple rose bouquet is a great gift for the Queen of your heart.

Why Our Rose Bouquets Are Different?

The roses we use for our bouquets are imported from the best growers around the world. We make sure every flower has the right size, colour and freshness before using them for our bouquets.

Aside from the flowers, we use water-resistant and premium wrappers too. They bring a sense of luxury to our bouquets, which you will not find in cheaply decorated rose bouquets. These high quality wrappers are also capable of holding your flowers for days.

If you have custom requests for your orders, please call us at +603 7887 6262 or leave us a message at info [at]