The Best Malaysia Online Florist for Tulip Bouquets

Tired or getting bored of buying roses for someone you love? Give tulip bouquets a try. Tulips carry the meaning of perfect love.

In Malaysia, there are only a handful of florists that sell tulips or use this elegant flower for their bouquets. The exclusivity of tulips over in this part of the world makes them a more romantic option for bouquets as compared to roses.

Here’s a mini guide if you need help picking the right tulip bouquet on BLOOM2U.com.

Buying the Perfect Tulip Flowers - A Mini Guide

In general, the colours of tulips have the same meaning as the colours of roses.

Purple Tulips - Purple tulips often mean royalty. They are commonly used in weddings as well as engagement parties as bridal bouquets and flower arrangements.

White Tulips - Bouquets with white tulips is your best choice if you are looking for a bouquet to show respect, apology or to ask for forgiveness. Like their elegant counterpart in purple, white tulips are favorites for weddings too.

Pink Tulips - Pink tulips are for someone you care. A bouquet with pink tulips is great for well wishes because the flowers symbolize the perfect happiness.

Red Tulips - Just like red roses, red tulips are usually associated with true and passionate love. Red tulip bouquets are great for proposals, engagements, Valentine’s Day as well as wedding anniversaries.

Why Buy Fresh Tulip Bouquets from Us?

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