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Birthday - The Online Florist for Birthday Bouquets

Birthday is probably most of the important occasion where lots of ladies friends will love to receive a flower bouquet. Yes, flower bouquet is the most popular flowers send for birthday.

Having say that, we have been delivering lots of flower basket for VIP's and VVIP's birthday as well. It does looks presentable and luxury.

For unique bouquet like tulips bouquet or peonies bouquet, please order in advance to avoid disappointment. Stocks are normally very limited and very fast being ordered. It's also depending on seasons and sometimes the weather will have impact on their availability.

Surprise Her with a premium Hand Bouquet

Our hand bouquet are specially crafted for this special occasion. We understand the ladies want it to be surprise and special bouquet for their special birthday celebration. They want an everlasting memory and uniqueness of the occasion.

Colors are important part of the bouquet for this special occasion like birthday. To us to prioritise the colours based on the ir personality and their personaly liking. Customized from our hand bouquet selections can also be done.

Flower Delivery to offices in KL, PJ or nationwide

It will be preferred to be deliver to their office. It can shows that you care and want people to know that she is love and appreciated dearly on this special occasion. It can follow by an invitation to celebrate this special days of hers, her birthday, in the evening.

Some might choose this special occasion to pop the BIG question, will you marry me? Please leave this best hand bouquet to us. We will ensure it to be perfect for this double celebration.

Need help selecting the right birthday bouquet or need to customize the hand bouquet or require special delivery arrangement? Give us a call at +603 7887 6262 or leave us a message at info [at] We are happy to assist you.