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Prince Gaston

This flower arrangement consists of bird of paradise, beautiful orchids and colorful leaves.


Anne Neville

This flower in a box consists of roses, rose spray, protea and hydrangea. Some of the flowers and fillers are seasonal. We will replace it with similar value or higher value flowers if it is not in season and we will try our best to maintain the original design.


La Fleur Rouge

This flower arrangement in a vase consists of mainly red roses and other small flowers. The glass design might be different depending on stock availability. It will be substitute by something similar value or higher.


Mon Monde

This plant arrangement consists of assorted plants with beautiful colour combinations and decorated.


Alessandro Michele

Alessandro Michele flower arrangement consists of 3/5 peonies, 15 pink roses, orchids and some fillers. Peonies flowers are depending on season. It will be replaced with hydrangea if is off season. Please call to confirm.


Can You Feel The Love Tonight

This vase arrangement consists of roses, eustoma, phalaenopsis orchird and peonies. The peonies is depends on the season availbality and will be replaced by hydrangea if it is not in season.


Your Song

This flower in the vase consists of hydrangeas and eustomas.


Take Me Higher

This flower arrangement consists of 3 stalks of phalaenopsis orchid.


Vivien Leigh

This flower arrangement comes with a stalk of live phalaenopsis orchid in a pot.



This flower arrangement consist of on hydrangea flower.



This flower arrangement include the bird of paradise, lilies and orchids. We will replace the flowers with suitable simlar value flowers.


Pierre de Fermat

This flower arrangement in a vase consist of peonies, hydrangea, roses, small flowers and leaves. Peonies are a seasonal flowers. In year 2014, it's not available from Aug till Nov. This might varies from year to year due to global warming. We will replace it with hydrangea flowers if peonies is not available. Customer is advice to call +60378876262 or email info [at] to confirm on the flower's availability.


Prince Henry

This flower arrangement consist of crabs and lots of orchids with leaves.


Break The Ice

This is a 6 stalks of sunflowers in a clear vase. Beautifully arranged 3 at the bottom and 3 at the top. Suitable for any dinner or meetings. Please contact us if you plan to order more than 10 pieces.



This flower arrangement consist of lilies and bird of paradise. It's a small flower arrangement in a vase.



This flower arrangement consists of orchids wrapped with a green paper.


Madame d'Orléans

This flower arrangement consist of phalaenopsis orchid. In the event the yellow color is not available, it will be replace with purple or red color.


Madame Henriette

This flower arrangement consists of phalaenopsis orchids in a beautiful pot.



This centerpiece round arrangement is suitable for wedding, restaurant or and grand events, the arrangement consist of lots of eustomas, orchids and others beautiful flowers.



This beautiful table arrangement or huge flower cakes consists of hydrangea, eustoma, agapanthus. wrapped around by bird nest leaves.


Beau Soleil

There are about 20 stalks of gerbera and mix with chrysanthemum flowers. it is arranged in a tall vase. The vase is wrapped with leaves.


Japanese Beauty

This flower vase arrangement consists of 2 talks of Casablanca lilies , 6 stalks of carnation flowers and eustoma flowers. It is arranged in a clear glass vase.


La Pink Fleur

This is a flower vase arrangement with 36 stalks of roses and roses spray. It comes with the rain forest leaves in a glass vase.


Gold Branches

This flower arrangement comes with 36 dancing lady orchids and rain forest leaves. It is arranged in a round glass vase.


Big Big World

This flower arrangement consist of 10 stalks of tulips and 12 stalks of roses. It comes together with a simple transparent vase which is ready to be decorate and brighten up any room in any occasions.

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Vase Arrangements

Vase Arrangements

Flowers in the vase is the most traditional way of decorating the flowers. It's easier for the recipient to display the flowers. Customize design for functions is available. Please contact us at info [at]