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This beautiful bouquet consist of 12 stalks of pink roses and 2 stalk of lilies. Please take note that the floral pink paper as the backing of bouquet is no longer in production. We will replace it with closest available paper. Rest assure the bouquet design is the same.



This flower in a box consists of 2 lilies, roses and some small flowers. Ribbon will be a plain ribbon without writing closest to the colour display or matching colour.



This bouquet consists of 3 stalk of lilies, 6 roses and matching leaves.



Caterpillar bouquet consists of one hydrangea and 3 stalks of lilies. Small flowers fillers are depending on availability.


Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher bouquet consists of 3 stalks of lilies.



Ghost is a simple 3 stalk lilies bouquet.



Legenda consists of 3 lilies and 10 stalks of roses.


Sharon Tate

This bouquet consists of 5 stalk of bloomed lilies, sweet williams and beautiful leaves. Please order early to secure the bloom lilies.



This grand bouquet consist of 5 stalks of lilies, 5 gerberas and carnation spray.


Princess Élisabeth

This beautiful luxury hand bouquet consists of 5 lilies, 1 hydrangea, eustomas and other beautiful fillers.



This bouquet consists of 3 stalks of Casablanca lilies and mix with eustoma flowers.


Morning Elegant

This bouquet consist of 5 Madona lilies which some are bloom and some are yet to be bloom.


La Petite Etoile

This flower bouquet consist of 2 stalk of lilies with 4 to 6 flowers. This is a small bouquet but the flowers volumes are maximized. Please bear in mind sometimes the flowers are not fully bloom.


Festival De Cannes

This bouquet consists of 3 stalks of Casablanca lilies and mix with eustoma flowers. Please take note that the outer paper of this bouquet is no longer in production. We will replace it with the closest paper design and try our best to maintain overall flower design.


French Kiss

This bouquet consist of 1 dozen roses with 1 stalk of lilies. The mixture of both create a unique sense.


A La Vôtre

This basket consist of 3 stalks of lilies (more than 6 flowers), 12 roses and eustoma flowers. Lovely red color add more characters to the basket. The pink color roses is seasonal and subject to availability. Else closest pink will be use as a replacement.


Graceful Movement

This flower basket arrangement consist of Casablanca lilies, small flowers and beautiful leaves. It is arranged in a beautiful basket. Please take note that the basket design might varies depending on the basket availability in Malaysia. We will replace it with similar or higher value products.


Japanese Beauty

This flower vase arrangement consists of 2 talks of Casablanca lilies , 6 stalks of carnation flowers and eustoma flowers. It is arranged in a clear glass vase.


Gazing The Stars

This is a huge bouquet consists of 5 stargazer lilies and 10 carnation flowers. It is wrap together with small flowers in between. Beautiful leaves at it's background to make the flower stands out.


Elegance Lily

The flower basket arrangement consist of Lilies flowers, some green chrysanthemums and beautiful leaves.


Garden Of Bloom

This flower basket arrangement consists of lilies in both white and red. It is beautifully mix with eustoma flowers and leaves.


My Appreciation

This basket arrangement consists of lilies, gerberas and orchids flowers. It is mix with sweet williams and lots of green.

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Lilies - The Online Florist for Lilies Bouquets

BLOOM2U if your preferred Subang Jaya florist for your lily bouquet. Our lilies bouquet are from deliver from the best lilies grower in Malaysia. Imported lilies grower from Holland is also available especially calla lily.

Our design is probably on of the most natural design and very outstanding in the market. It fills with beautiful fillers and wrap like a women lying down on a couch.

Lilies can be arranged as Liliy Flower Basket or Lily Flower Bouquet depending on the recipient liking.

Lily Bouquet Is a Luxury Bouquet

Lily stands out compare to other flowers bouquet. It delivers to the recipient, the luxury, matured, sophisticated feel. Lily bouquet is suitable for successful lady in their career. It has so much career and success in it.

Lily bouquet is also one of the bouquet that's gives the freshness scent to the room. One of the flowers available in Malaysia that smell good. It feels up the room with freshness

Delivery to Kuala Lumpur and Nationwide

BLOOM2U is available for delivery of lily bouquet to Kuala Lumpur and nationwide. Subang Jaya and Puchong customers can also drop by at our outlet at Empire Shopping Gallery to pick up the bouquet. We are also well known to Bangsar folks as Bangsar florist. We deliver a lot of bouquet to this area or surrounding Damansara Heights.

Need help selecting the right lily bouquet or require special delivery arrangement? Give us a call at +603 7875 6262 or leave us a message at info [at] We are happy to assist you.