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Frozen Full Shell Black Mussel 900g


Japan Kagoshima Satsumagyu A5 Wagyu Sirloin 400g


Fish Atlantic Salmon Fillet 160g to 180g


Fish Atlantic Salmon 170g to 200g


Fish Siakap Seabass Barramundi 800g to 1000g


Fish Coral Trout 1kg


Japan Kagoshima Satsumagyu F1 Wagyu Yakiniku 200g


Japan Kagoshima Satsumagyu A5 Wagyu Yakiniku 200g


GGOMi Oyster Knife


Frozen Oysters From Japan


Hokkaido Frozen Scallop Meat 20/40


2 packs Frozen Boiled Clam Asari 500g


Hokkaido Frozen Scallop Meat 10/20


Frozen Boiled Hotate From Japan


Australia Premium Frozen Scallop with Roe On 500g


2 Pieces of Premium Frozen 200g Greenland Halibut


10 Vacuum Packed Meals of Chinese Chicken Cuisine


10 Vacuum Packed Meals of Malays Chicken Cuisine

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Frozen Food

Frozen Food

Buy Food Frozen online in Malaysia

Frozen food is more preferred in the country of Malaysia because of the ease of cooking and availability. With the best frozen food supplier Malaysia, you can get the best quality of frozen food delivered to your home. Bloom2U is known for the best frozen food delivery in Malaysia.

With frozen food in Malaysia, you can get the best variety of foods at your doorstep. If you have been searching for the frozen food delivery in Malaysia, then here are we to help you. Bloom2Us is one of the best frozen food distribution companies in Malaysia that provides the best services to its customers.

Choose from Wide Range of Freshly-Imported Frozen Food

We have a wide range of frozen food products available with us. The frozen food is available for every category and is loved by the people of every age. We deliver the frozen food online and thus, let you enjoy a retreating meal that can be prepared in no time.

We have a perfect chain of frozen food suppliers in Malaysia that delivers the food right at your doorstep and you get the best frozen food delivery in Malaysia.

Reliable Online Frozen Food Supplier with Thousands of Happy Customers

Bloom2U is a trusted name that delivers frozen food online. We are the best frozen food supplier in Malaysia and this is why we are trusted by most of the customers. Our happy customers are enough to state our efforts and hard work.

We try our best to deliver the frozen food that is fresh and can be used for a long time. Thus, providing you with easy and fast cooking skills.

Why choose us for buying frozen food in KL and Malaysia

Bloom2U is a well known brand for frozen food delivery services. If you have been thinking of something for the frozen food distribution, then we are your one stop solution. Here are some of the reasons why you should make us a choice for the frozen food delivery service:

  1. Quality- With the best frozen food supplier in Malaysia, you get the best quality of frozen food at your doorstep. We make sure that you never compromise with the quality of food and this is why we are loved by our customers. Also, the food is fresh and full of taste and aids you with fast cooking. We keep in mind that any product is not delivered after the expiry date of the frozen food.

  2. Price- We provide the best prices for frozen food online delivery. You can get the maximum low possible prices for the frozen food delivery KL, Malaysia with us at Bloom2U.

  3. Fast delivery- We do not like customers to wait for their food and thus deliver the fastest possible services for the frozen food online.

  4. Easy shopping- Shopping with Bloom2U is much easier. Simply select the product that you want to buy and click on the buy button. You will be then directed to the shipping address page and then the payment page. Make payment as suitable from the available payment options.


What if I am not satisfied with the products?

If you are not satisfied with the product, then you can return or replace the product. Check out our refund policy for this.

What will be the price of frozen food?

The price of every food item varies and is different for different products. Check the prices when you make the purchase.

Can I rely on the quality of food?

Yes, we deliver the high quality of frozen food online in Malaysia.

Is there any expiry date for the frozen food?

Yes, there is an expiry date of the frozen food.

How fast you make the delivery?

We try our best to make the delivery as fast as possible. Also, same day delivery dates are possible.