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Gazing The Stars

This is a huge bouquet consists of 5 stargazer lilies and 10 carnation flowers. It is wrap together with small flowers in between. Beautiful leaves at it's background to make the flower stands out.


Festival De Cannes

This bouquet consists of 3 stalks of Casablanca lilies and mix with eustoma flowers. Please take note that the outer paper of this bouquet is no longer in production. We will replace it with the closest paper design and try our best to maintain overall flower design.



This beautiful bouquet consist of 12 stalks of pink roses and 2 stalk of lilies. Please take note that the floral pink paper as the backing of bouquet is no longer in production. We will replace it with closest available paper. Rest assure the bouquet design is the same.



This bouquet consists of 3 stalks of Casablanca lilies and mix with eustoma flowers.


Best Day

This bouquet comes with 5 small and 1 medium size bears.


You Did It!

This bouquet comes with 5 sunflowers with 1 big bears.


Naked Love

This bouquet consist of 3 huge sunflowers and mix with lots of leaves. Simple purple eustoma makes it look elegant.


Great Achievement

The graduation bouquet consists of 6 small size bears.


La Petite Etoile

This flower bouquet consist of 2 stalk of lilies with 4 to 6 flowers. This is a small bouquet but the flowers volumes are maximized. Please bear in mind sometimes the flowers are not fully bloom.


Viva Forever

This flower basket consists of 8 miniature bears and roses. It also arranged with other small flowers and leaves. A beautiful ribbon is wrapped around the basket.



This bouquet consists of carrots, Brassica, Allium, Long Beans, Gerberas, Spring Onions, Carrots, Broccoli and various leaves. It gives a very different feel from the normal flower bouquet.


Ma Cherie

This Ferrero Rocher chocolates bouquet consist of 6 Ferrero Rocher chocolates. Wrap in a beautiful non woven paper.


Janet Leigh

This hand bouquet consist of 10 Mr Ben (small bears).


Donna Sheridan

This hand bouquet consists of 20 stalks yellow roses and eustoma flowers.

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Buy Graduation Bouquets Online at

Are you a proud parent with a child who is graduating soon? Do you have a friend who is graduating from college or university? Are you a graduating student yourself? Whoever you might be, graduation is definitely worth celebrating.

Aside from receiving a certificate, graduation is an important milestone in life. It rewards graduates for all the hard work that they have put in and marks the beginning of the next chapter in life.

It is going to be a happy day for your child, your friend or yourself. Sunflowers and gerberas are great flowers to express happiness and congratulations for a happy event like a graduation. Other flowers that you can consider buying before a graduation ceremony includes tulips, roses and lilies.

Our Graduation Bouquets Look Good in Photos

Parents and graduating students love buying from us because of the carefully-curated flowers that we use for our graduation bouquets look perfect in photos.

The sunflowers, lilies, gerberas, roses as well as the other flowers we use for our graduation bouquets are strictly handpicked based on quality. By ordering your bouquet from us, you can be sure that it will look exactly like the images you see on our website - fresh, blooming and lively.

Unlike other florists, we do not cut corners when it comes to the fillers, leafs and wrappers too. Our expert floral designers spend a tonne of time designing the bouquets you see here because of our unwavering desire to make sure they look awesome in your graduation photos - an once-in-a-lifetime event for many.

Take some time, browse around and see what we have for your child's, your friend's or your own graduation.

On-Time Delivery from a Reliable Florist’s excellent and reliable delivery team makes sure all orders arrive at our customers' preferred address on the date and within the time frame they specified.

During your child's or your friend's graduation day, the worst that could happen is not receiving the bouquet on time. For the team, we will do our very best to prevent this from happening by allowing our customers to choose their delivery date and time. No surprises for you as the sender.

Have a custom request or want to make a special arrangement for your needs, feel free to call our team at 03 - 7875 6262 or email us at